Football Manager

MetaFootball is a game that allows you to play as a manager of a A multiplayer, community-driven football game in which players can select from a variety of play styles.
In one massive persistent, open-ended gaming universe, play as a manager, agent, club owner, stock trader, speculator, or any combination of these against thousands of players.
Experience a vibrant football economy powered by blockchain technology, which provides you with complete realism, asset ownership, and ultimate control.
At each match, the Soccer Manager needs:
  • Arrange your football players to compete with rival teams, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and specialties.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade football players at the transfer market
  • Maintain control over your financial situation.
  • Organize your equipment.
MetaFootball, on the other hand, places you in command of your own football team! Through several actions allows you to play the role of a football manager:
  • Create training programs that will help your football players improve.
  • Give you fresh tasks to conquer as well as fantastic prizes to win.
  • Organize friendly competitions with other soccer managers!
  • Attend the transfer market in order to locate important players for a more successful club.